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Definition: TIGER

Topologically Integrated Geographical Encoding and Referencing(TIGER) . It is a huge digital database containing  references of railways tracks,  roads , lakes , forests , land ,rivers  along with their latitudes, longitudes with minute details of house numbers , street s , local landmarks etc .

It clearly demarcates boundaries between respective states and countries . The boundaries between individual and organizational properties .

The landmarks are in the form of local schools ,old  buildings , grounds , district offices and courts , transport facilities . It uses a GIS a geological information system for identifying the location to be searched  which is continuously updated .

It also uses a Global positioning system which helps in aerial identification.  The scale of 1;120,000 is maintained is not sufficient for detection  and identification of hydrological resources.

Coordinate system :

These  maps were used by United States Geographical survey for carrying out  their census therefore it needs to maintain an accuracy level of  +/- 150 feet .  It also plans to include files to study ortho-graphs , ortho-lines . These files are store in geographical systems where  coordinates are expressed to the  four decimal places in degrees.  NAD83 is the current format used in files and is used by FED’s for carrying out   referencing in DRG’S etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of TIGER along with its overview.


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