Tunnel Scanner

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Definition: Tunnel Scanner

This development has brought about reducing the manual labor costs involved in punching and scanning all the items individually especially if your shopping list was a long one. All the items to be billed are placed on a conveyer belt and as they pass through the tunnel the OCR reader scans their MICR number and the bar code. It also keeps a check of the receipt number. In case of any un-scanned item on the cart there is a display which intimates the operator for manual interference. New systems being developed with the ability to photograph the image which could not be scanned . 

When  the order is complete and the next set of items have to be added to the cart a red bar is placed on the belt  so the tunnel scan knows a bill needs to be generated. The items are further packaged at the counter. The system has been designed to optimally integrate the incoming and the outgoing feed.

It also helps in lowering the item processing times taking into consideration the speed at the belt is rotating and has the capacity to scan dozens of items per second. It has a 99% success reading rate and reading in any point of sales system. It also gives a flexibility of a self checkout facility to the customer.

However this POS reading system is not advisable if you have a long list of items on your cart because of  the possibility  of some of the items being unread.

Example :

The various RFIDS and optical scanners, readers are capable of being used in a tunneling device . These have  characteristics of a tunnel diode of emitting electrons . They have the capability to read the various signals like the red light to differentiate between the various orders.


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