Travelling Salesperson problem

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Definition: Travelling Salesperson problem

This problem has been conceptualized in operational research which seeks towards finding the shortest possible of travel between any two locations.  In practical applications most of these problems have been encountered in logistics and transportation. Most of the distances are covered several times during the various stages of a transportation management system.

The various methods adopted for estimation of an optimal path are as following:

  • Graphical representation  

 The path we would like to take for our journey is plotted by joining all the points respectively along the various roads. The shortest path is calculated for the whole journey ensuring none of the path is traversed twice without lifting the pencil. If a closed loop is failed to be traced from the given conditions then the diagonal is formed to complete the figure.

  • Symmetry in minimizing  costs

If the distances are symmetrical from both the directions then the respective fares for arrival and departure don not play a huge role. However if these distances are asymmetrical there would be different rates for the traffic in either direction due to traffic congestions, traffic collisions etc.  All these would have an implication of the cost which serves as a major constraint which has to be kept in mind while finding a solution to these problems.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Travelling Salesperson problem along with its overview.

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