Trailer on Flatcar

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Definition: Trailer on Flatcar

Trailers are usually wagons, decks, bogies, rolling stocks. These have four to six wheels in a single compartment.  The decks also have a provision for some side pockets to fasten the load on the flatcars.

It is usually used in containers which are difficult to carry in a box car arrangement. These are used to transfer freight carriers where usually modes of shipment are changed during the travel.


  • Aircrafts parts carriers – The general practice has been to use aerial mode of transportation .However the size of parts to be transferred then became a limitation.  Such a problem was encountered while transporting the sub-assemblies of Boeing 737. The first time an open box type arrangement was then tried.
  • Bulkhead carriers – These were used  in  supporting and gripping very long structures such as  steel tubular poles,  pipes , castings  and  steel girdles  etc.
  • Remote Control use - Some of the flatcars have been equipped with a remote control   for handling the locomotive. It is also equipped with   torches, steering’s, brakes, fuel tanks   for the operator’s assistance.
  • Intermodal Usage car -It has an approx. length of 90 feet .It can accommodate 4 No’s of 20 feet long   containers or 2 equivalent numbers of 40 feet containers.


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