Virtual Private Network

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Definition: Virtual Private Network

VPN is the network extension of the internet to provide accessibility to the intranet at remote locations or homes. It maintains the privacy of data over the public domain. It adds to the security of the businesses as it makes data encryption not possible.

It allows access only to the authorized users to the encrypted data since it asks for an encryption code when intercepted from a  shared user  to view the encrypted information. The region where the data is recovered back in its original form is known as Virtual Private Network.

It allows the users to access the resources centrally. It is used to connect the various branch offices through a public WAN. In some businesses the task of installation and maintenance  of corporate pool of modems is  outsourced.  They maintain the dedicated lines for communication.

It saves a long distance call as the  router instead of being placed at the far end   transfers the call locally to the Internet service provider which  and provides connectivity between the  remote office router and the  corporate router .

Hence, this concludes the definition of Virtual Private Network along with its overview.


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