Electronic Product Code (EPC)

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Definition: Electronic Product Code (EPC)

Electronic product code can be defined as a unique code that is designed for every individual product that distinguishes them from each other, and also stores information about the product.

The electronic product code generally makes use of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technique, where the code can store information about the type of EPC, unique serial number of product, its specifications, manufacturer information, etc.

The EPCs used by different companies have to follow a global standard set by the EPCglobal tag data standard that gives out rules for companies to construct their EPCs so that no two companies end up having the same EPC for different products.

EPC makes it easier for companies to classify and distinguish their products and with the electronic technology it makes it effective to link it to computer systems of different departments and different organizations. This makes the communication between departments or organizations better making the flow of goods through the whole process efficient.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Electronic Product Code (EPC) along with its overview.


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