CONWIP (Constant Work in Process)

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Definition: CONWIP (Constant Work in Process)

It can be followed in pull oriented productions systems, i.e. the production system in which a completion of product triggers the start of product assembly process.

In CONWIP, the inventory is pulled into the production system based on the demand and therefore the inventory levels are capped. The amount of WIP to be maintained is controlled. It helps in reducing the inventory carrying cost like storage, interest, accounting etc., and helps to identify the quality problems such that there’s an immediate response to material shortages, machine breakdowns etc.

There’s no scientific method to determine the level of WIP to be maintained. This is being done by empirical and heuristic approaches. The level of WIP to be maintained is written on a kanban card and shared by all products.  Through this, there’s a tighter control of WIP at each work station. 


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