Mass Customizations

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Definition: Mass Customizations

Mass customization is the new technique in supply chain where the benefits of customization are combined with those of mass production.

Mass production usually results in low cost due to the economy of scale. However with turbulent needs of today’s consumers and growing number of customer segments mass production is not always suitable.

Hence the adoption of the new technique “Mass customization” where the products are highly customized to the needs of specific segments of the market. It leverages the flexible processes and organization structures to provide a variety of goods and services that are customized to individuals taste and choice.

It employs modern technology to produce custom output.

Pine II has described 4 types of mass customization:

  1. Collaborative Customization: The firms collaborates with the end  customers to produce unique products
  2. Adaptive customization: The products can be modified by the end customers themselves
  3. Transparent customization: Customers are given unique products, however are not explicitly told that the products are unique
  4. Cosmetic customization: Makes heavy use of advertising and marketing whereas no real customization is involved.

e.g. Dell allows the users to shop online and purchase a laptop with features they desire.  A customer can choose not only the external features like colour, shape etc but also the processor and the RAM required.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Mass Customizations along with its overview.

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