Downtime Operations

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Definition: Downtime Operations

The period during which a machinery or plant is not in operation due to some damage or technical malfunction. It is also known as outage duration.

Many manufacturing companies push their equipments to its limit to cut the overhead costs. This requires quality maintenance services to take care of the systems and ensure zero downtime or near zero downtime for full time availability of the equipments. Various maintenance technologies aim to reduce the production downtime by increasing the equipment reliability.

To ensure zero downtime a proactive maintenance system is required rather than fix when fail attitude. A healthy maintenance plan ensures the continuous productivity of machineries. Over the years, various maintenance plans have been developed. A proactive maintenance strategy is a system geared towards achieving zero downtime and thus achieves significant cost reductions. This kind of maintenance system removes the factor of unpredictability and the breakdown by detecting the sources of possible failure and pre-empting the breakdowns.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Downtime Operations along with its overview.

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