Process Checklist

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Definition: Process Checklist

A process checklist is required to make sure that no critical step is overlooked or forgotten while performing the task. It also helps the newly appointed employees to teach exactly what they are supposed to do and when.

A radical change in the way an organization operates is done through business process re-engineering. It involves eliminating non-value added steps and restructuring the system. The process Improvement checklist is a great tool for keeping the re-engineering process on track. A process Improvement checklist contains a large number of ideas for improving a process like Error-proofing, Job enlargement, Job enrichment, work simplification and work standardization etc.  The checklist helps to learn the basics and help to establish effective and continuous streamlining of the business process.

Example: An example for a sales person process checklist could be:

Prospecting for leads -> Setting Appointment -> Initial Presentation -> Information Collecting -> evelopment -> Closing the sales -> Post Closing Services

Hence, this concludes the definition of Process Checklist along with its overview.

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