ISO 9001 ISO 9004

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Definition: ISO 9001 ISO 9004

ISO 9001 specifies the prerequisites of a quality management system that can be used by an organization. This is the standard against the compliance of which an organization can achieve registration from a qualified third party audit. The primary objective of the ISO 9001 standard is to address the issue of customer satisfaction through the usage and continual improvement of quality planning.

The standard expects organizations to employ a process approach to achieve the goals. The design and execution of an organization's quality management system should be unique to the organization and should only be influenced by customer requirements, key quality objectives, the products and services provided, the specific processes used and the size and structure of the firm.

ISO 9004 provides guidelines for organizations for their performance improvement. It is based on the quality management principles codified in ISO 9001. This standard provides terms of guidance on the application of quality management and includes what processes quality management systems should cover. The goal of ISO 9004 is to help an organization in establishing and improving upon its quality management system along with the improvement of the processes of an organization in order to enhance their performance.

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