Industrial Engineer

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Definition: Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer normally refers to a specialist who monitors, analyzes & evaluates the method & process of production & suggests ways of improving the same within limited timelines & resources. They deal with optimization of complex systems and processes. An industrial engineer can either be an external consultant or an internal manager & must quickly adapt to the culture, values & vision of the company.

He must also have a clear understanding of the manufacturing or production problem in hand for the organization. Having emerged in early nineteenth century, industrial engineering finds a wide application these days in operations management, operations research, management science, manufacturing engineering etc. Initially the focus was to improve efficiency & reduce costs. Now, the focus also includes optimization of all complex processes involved in production & manufacturing. Its underlying concepts overlap significantly with much business oriented disciplines like operations management.

The complexity and diversity of the problems require them to have knowledge in different disciplines. Their responsibilities include analyzing, managing, designing facilities, manufacturing and services processes, quality assurance, process excellence, inventory management and control, production system planning and control, resource allocation and scheduling etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Industrial Engineer along with its overview.


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