Quality Product

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Definition: Quality Product

A quality product may be defined as the one that satisfies the following characteristics

• Satisfying the customer

• Exceeding the customers’ expectations

• Producing and delivering the best product or services

• Conforming to the standards and specification

As per the quality gurus, quality has different definitions. Juran says quality is the fitness for use. Crosby says, it is the conformance to the requirements or specifications.

Garvin says quality has eight attributes

• Performance: It is the primary operating characteristic of a product or service

• Features: These are the secondary aspects of the performance

• Reliability: Reliability refers to the fact that product performs its intended functions without failure under stated conditions over the specified period of time

• Conformance: This refers to the degree to which the design and operating characteristics of the products meet the established standards

• Durability: Durability is a measure of the product life

• Serviceability: Serviceability refers to the courtesy, speed, competence, ease of repair, quality of after sales services

• Aesthetics: It refers to how a product looks, feels, sounds, smells or tastes

• Perceived quality: This is the brand, image, advertisement etc. related to the product

Companies cannot compete on all the dimensions as it may result in increased costs and it may also involve technological limitations. Hence, sometimes when a product is improved on one dimension, it becomes worse in some other dimensions


Hence, this concludes the definition of Quality Product along with its overview.

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