Multivariable Analysis

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Definition: Multivariable Analysis

Multivariable Analysis is the application of multivariable or multivariate statistics which is the simultaneous observation of more than one outcome variables.

In practice, multivariate statistics come into play in problems which involve uni-variate and multivariate analysis in order to understand the relevance of their inter-relationship to the actual problem. The major use of multivariable analysis is to perform trade studies by simultaneous analysis of effects of all variables on the responses of interest.

In contrast to univariable analysis in which only a single predictor is considered, multivariable analysis has multiple predictors. Predictions made using multivariable regression analysis are based on the combined predictive effort of predictors.

Example: Multivariable Analysis has many uses viz. –

  1. Analysis of concepts with haphazard scenarios
  2. Alternatives’ Analysis  – especially for fulfilling customer needs
  3. Inverse Design – treating any variable as independent
  4. Capability Design – capability based design
  5. Identification of critical design drivers and correlations across hierarchical levels

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