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Definition: Applet

An applet is a small program designed to perform a specific task. It cannot be executed directly from the Operating System and is designed to be executed from within a larger program or another application. Applets are ideal for small internet applications accessible from browsers due to their small sizes and cross-platform compatibility.

Applets are not fully featured application programs and they perform only a small set of tasks. Examples for applets in Microsoft Windows are Windows Notepad and Microsoft Paint.

Web- based applets can provide new and interactive features to web applications by capturing mouse inputs, providing buttons and check-boxes. Applets can provide features which cannot be provided by HTML alone. Applets can be used for virtual demonstrations and online game creation. Examples of web based applets are: flash movies, 3D modeling and browser games.

In statistics, applets can be used to demonstrate various concepts like mean, median, binomial distribution, sampling distribution, confidence intervals etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Applet along with its overview.

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