Group Discussion (GD) Topics with Answers

The Group Discussion Section covers latest 100+ GD topics with answers. These group discussion topics are useful for MBA students, aspirants & professionals. These GD topics include relevant 2017 current affairs & are summarized with conclusion & facts. These are important while applying for a job, admission or any selection process and are on various aspects like business, management, politics, sports, education, technology etc. Each group discussion topic follows a conversation format among 5-6 candidates.

What is a Group Discussion (GD)?

Group discussion or GD is a debate or discussion among 3 or more people or candidates on a particular topic. Group discussion is selection process tool which is used to evaluate candidates based on certain qualities like knowledge, leadership, communication skills etc. Group discussions are used to shortlist candidates before interviews, MBA students for campus recruitments or by colleges to shortlist aspirants, where participation is in huge numbers.

How to prepare for a Group Discussion?

Preparing for a group discussion requires immense practice, learning, studying which can be done through mock GD’s and certain Group Discussion Tips. A candidate must prepare by studying various useful GD topics which can help him/her to understand the group discussion structure and flow.

Which are the important GD topics?

GD topics can be abstract, current affairs, news, subjects of historical importance etc. We have more than 100 GD topics which can be used to prepare for a group discussion.


List of GD Topics:

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1 Nepotism and its Impact on Professionalism 1910
2 Volvo - From Internal Combustion Engine to Hybrid & Electric Cars 2794
3 Global Warming and its Effect 8933
4 Brexit - Good or a Bad Decision? 6958
5 Black Money in India 7287
6 Reliance Jio 4G- Changing the Indian Telecom Sector 10808
7 GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India 23403
8 Demonetization of 500 & 1000 Rupees Notes by Government of India 20516
9 One Billion and just One Gold Medal 7446
10 Is MBA necessary to be a Successful in Business? 6239
11 Technology creates Income Disparities 6942
12 Its Folly to be Wise where Ignorance is Bliss 3295
13 Is the World Ready for Cashless Currency? 9887
14 Is Automation in normal lives boon or bane? 7007
15 Consumer satisfaction should be achieved at any cost 4234
16 Quality or Marketing? 7177
17 Is Disruptive Innovation Sustainable? 2780
18 The Internet is an Exercise in Hype 3768
19 Does India deserve a Permanent seat in UN Security Council? 2796
20 Can 2050 witness a Developed India? 4903
21 Operational Efficiency vs Innovation 2604
22 Is Brain Drain really a disadvantage for a developing country? 5531
23 Speed test or Knowledge test, which is better? 3011
24 Smart Cities in India 8888
25 U.S. H1B L1 Visa Fee Hike & its Impact of the Indian IT Sector 3950
26 Payment Bank License – What it means for the Indian Banking Sector 3173
27 Is NITI AYOG serving able to replace Planning Commission 2953
28 Sometimes No Decision is also a Decision 2811
29 What if Red is White? 6969
30 Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2015 – Fighting Financial Distress 2071
31 Refugee Crisis in Europe 2327
32 Ends Justify Means 2058
33 Digital Equality in India is not Equal for All 2939
34 Fall in Crude Oil Prices and its Implications 3220
35 Is India's Nuclear Policy Progressive? 2434
36 Should Surrogate Advertising be Allowed? 2606
37 Is Work Experience Required for an MBA? 2292
38 Women Empowerment – A Cause for Increasing Divorces in India 8932
39 Texting Affects Vocabulary Negatively 2722
40 Impact of Chinese Spillover over the World 2081
41 Does Morality have an Essence in Corporate Life? 2040
42 Is StartUp Culture a Fad or a Trend Setter? 3522
43 Untouched Paradise: Bollywood for Aspiring Actors 1635
44 OROP - One Rank One Pension 3684
45 Has the Seventh Pay Commission met its objective? 2442
46 FDI in Retail Sector a Boon or Curse? 3567
47 Honouring the National Anthem 3539
48 We will never be Corruption Free Society 5307
49 Management lessons cannot be taken in Classroom 2536
50 Indian Villages – Our Strengths or our Weaknesses 8906
51 Gold- Best Investment or a Bursting Bubble 2705
52 Impact of Lowering Oil Prices over World Economy 1983
53 Euthanasia – Should it be Legalized? 3531
54 Was Paris COP21 Climate Conference a Success? 1398
55 Is Marriage Losing it's Importance? 3481
56 India's Energy Security in the Future 3466
57 FDI in Indian Education Sector 2578
58 Is E-Learning a Substitute for Classroom Learning? 5218
59 Has Democracy Hampered India’s Growth? 3233
60 Is the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Effective? 3110
61 B2B Commerce from a Global Perspective 1614
62 Should India have a One Child Policy? 7540
63 US Presidential Elections 2016 6189
64 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) - Merits and Demerits 1313
65 Facebook Free Basics- Pros and Cons 2594
66 Commerce on Mobile. Is it the Future? 2024
67 Brain Drain in India 7420
68 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan & its Effectiveness 16649
69 Reservations in India- Caste Based Vs Income Based 10264
70 Digital India - Whom Does it Benefit? 18251
71 Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian 6973
72 Odd Even Rule in Delhi and Its Impact 6012
73 Learning by Doing in Education 2307
74 Whether Digital Education has taken over Traditional Education? 2579
75 TV is no longer an idiot box? 6165
76 Industrial growth and Environmental care do not go hand in hand 5304
77 Is the permanent seat of UN Security Council necessary? 2044
78 Formulation of new States leads to Development 1316
79 India needs more Job Creators than Job Seekers. 3686
80 Should the Public Sector be privatized? 5608
81 Decreasing Defence Expenditure and increasing Social Expenditure is the need of the hour? 3090
82 Is IPL a boon for Indian Cricket? 5021
83 Usefulness of Social Networking Website or just waste of time? 3446
84 Ban on Diesel cars by NGT in Delhi? 2407
85 Is it Right to Say “History is Written by the Victors”? 1617
86 Is it Alright to Genetically Modify Crops? 1559
87 Is India really One Nation? 3319
88 Can India Become the Human Capital of the World? 2322
89 I will do Whatever it Takes. In the End, it's Business 1580
90 Are we progressing towards a World War 3? 2860
91 Is Hockey the national sport of India? 4022
92 Feminism vs. Women Rights 6756
93 Should all major Asian Countries join hand to form an Asian Union? 2793
94 Are we prepared to harness nuclear energy safely for our future? 1761
95 Women are Better Leaders than Men 9510
96 Greece is the Maker of its own Peril 1485
97 Unorganized Sector - Most Under-Served and Unprotected Workforce 1602
98 Fate of Ecommerce 10678
99 Make in India vs Make for India 21223
100 Smart Phones- Painkiller or a Pain 9356
101 Should Commercialization of Space Travel be Allowed? 2258
102 Should We Continue Increasing the Number of IITs and IIMs? 2385
103 Is Social Media Actually Connecting People? 11406
104 Venture Capitalist Funding for Startups - A Bubble about to Burst? 2424
105 Will the Chinese Market Crash affect Global Business? 2602
106 Is Over Dependence on Technology Deteriorating the Human Brain? 3376
107 How safe are app-based cab services for customers? 2761
108 Will corruption in FIFA spoil football? 1591
109 Is Internet a luxury or a right? 5080
110 Tesla Electric Cars- Will they Change the Way We Travel? 3379
111 Germany vs. Greece – A Relation Went Sour 1595
112 Are E-Commerce Companies Right in Choosing the App-only Option? 3311