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Resume Sample Formats

Resume Sample Formats section covers various types of customized & editable free resume & CV formats for students & professionals. These Resume samples help to build a strong CV by highlighting the key educational & professional industry parameters.

What is the importance of a Resume or CV?

Resume is a document which showcases the qualification, skill-set and past experiences of any candidate applying for a job. A resume helps an HR to have an understanding about a candidate at a macro-level. Any job seeker looking to boost his/her career must focus on having a sharp, concise, accurate and eye-catching resume if they want to get noticed. Hence, a resume is very important if a candidate wants to get short-listed for a job interview.

How should a job applicant write a resume?

Writing a strong and eye-catchy resume is a science. A good resume should be factual, accurate, short, should highlight the job applicants’ education, work experience, skills etc. Some important guidelines which the job applicant must follow while writing a resume are mentioned here:

a) How to Write a Resume/Biodata

b) DO’s and DONT’s of Resume Writing

Resume Format Examples

Below are some examples of Resumes you can use. 

How to choose the correct Resume sample format or template?

Ideally, a resume should be short, crisp concise but still it should be able to cover the entire spectrum of the job applicant’s educational or career highlights. Resume formats or templates can be broadly classified into two categories:

a) Resume Sample for Freshers- A freshly graduated student can choose a resume sample which highlights his/her educational qualification, academic scores, projects, extra-curricular activities etc.

b) Resume Sample for Experienced Professionals- A professional looking for a job or career change must choose a resume sample which highlights their work experience across companies, projects handled, revenue contribution, awards & recognition, professional skills acquired, academic qualifications etc.

This section covers an elaborate set of free resume sample formats for job applicants. Users can view, download & edit various resume sample formats for free which are custom-made as per educational qualification, industry, work experience, job-position etc.

List of Resume Samples:

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1 Resume/CV Sample Format 1 11540
2 Resume/CV Sample Format 2 5962
3 Resume/CV Sample Format 3 5846
4 Resume/CV Sample Format 4 5607
5 Resume/CV Sample Format - Finance (Work Experience) 7343
6 Resume/CV Sample Format - Finance Majors 4037
7 Resume/CV Sample Format - FMCG (Work Experience) 12197
8 Resume/CV Sample Format - Human Resources (HR) Fresher 20045
9 Resume/CV Sample Format - Human Resources HR (Work Experience) 3947
10 Resume/CV Sample Format - Information Technology IT Fresher 9545
11 Resume/CV Sample Format - IT Professionals 3379
12 Resume/CV Sample Format - Chartered Accountant (CA) 5099