Resume/CV Sample Format - Finance (Work Experience)

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Resume Format for Finance with Work Experience

Why is this Format Unique ?

This Resume is a basic format for an MBA (Finance) graduate having prior experience in financial sector and looking for a new job.

The details are prioritized as per the requirement of an HR. Generally, an HR would like to have a look on their past work experience and their respective achievement in previous organisations. Then, they would look forward to their academic achievements and the projects. All the contents should be in brief and crisp enough to be understood by an HR.

Header – The font size should exactly be the same as mentioned.

Work Experience – Work experience should be mentioned, first, of the current or the recent organisation and then further describing their past professional experiences.

Professional Achievements – If the candidate has been awarded by the organisation for his/her good performance, it should be mentioned in this section. Achieving the target within the time limit and other performance related achievements could be included.

Academic Qualifications – The description of your academic details should be exactly the same as mentioned in the mark sheets. No additional changes should be done.

Internship Details – It should include all the provisional internships done during the post-graduation and the graduation specifying the role and highlights in brief.

Academic Projects – It comprises of all the projects performed in the post-graduation. Details should include the role and brief description of the project and the candidate’s contribution in that. Graduation Projects can also be included if they are worth mentioning or have some importance relevance to the work experience.

Positions of Responsibility – Details of the achievements in which the candidate lead the team in his/her work experience or during the post-graduation. Responsibilities taken in graduation would be irrelevant for a work-ex candidate.

Extra-Curricular Activities – This section includes the hobbies or interests of the candidate. Only National Level achievements should be quoted under this section as this has very limited relevance to the job the candidate has applied for.

You can download the file in Word Format here.

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