Resume/CV Sample Format - Finance Majors

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HERE in DOCX format.

Resume Format for Finance Majors

Why is this Format Unique ?

This format of resume directly mentions the core skills of a person. The idea of doing so is to present strong areas of a person and exact positions in which the candidate is interested in working.

This type of resume is suited for a person who has been focused on pursuing finance as a career from early on. Although this particular resume does not contain work experience but all other columns define excellency of the candidate in finance.

Professional profile must contain all the projects undertaken which would make the profile of the candidate strong as a finance major. Work experience of a person can be included in professional profile giving the necessary details of the job like profile and job responsibilities.

Extra-Curricular Activities contain the organizational abilities as well as the positions of responsibilities held by the candidate. This column also contains academic achievements of a person, if any.

You can download the file in Word Format here.

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