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Resume Format for FMCG Workex

Why is this Format Unique ?

The vertical column:

This is one of the recently emerged trends in the art of writing CVs. The idea behind this vertical column is to provide necessary details and a brief ‘summary’ of the candidate on each page of the CV. One of the few things a recruiter/HR professional of a reputed company dislikes is to scan through hundreds (during mass recruitment drives conducted by an FMCG company) of CV again and again to scavenge for crucial details.

Qualifications:  Certain positions demand certain qualifications. This criterion is occasionally overruled by a candidate’s work experience (length and type). But as a candidate, one should still respect the criteria. Hence, especially while applying for vacancies for which desired qualification is mentioned, it should be easy for the recruiter to know your degree in a single glance.

Positions/Designations held: Rather than going through a candidate’s work experience, if all/some designations which he has held are visible, it always helps the recruiter in noting them down and speeding up the shortlisting process (during the initial stages).

The Resume:

Work experience: The company name should ALWAYS be accompanied by Designation and Duration. Assuming that the candidate has over 5-6 years of work experience, the resume should start with the same. Mention only KEY responsibilities and NOT ALL, a mere copy of the Job Description is often frowned upon. Especially, in an FMCG, similar position does not necessarily mean similar responsibilities. If you have worked in a reputed company, attaching its logo is really helpful, since it catches the attention of the recruiter.

Skills/Technical Competencies/Certifications: Acquired/learnt skills must be mentioned, if they are not highlighted in the “Key Responsibilities”. Especially useful if a candidate has acquired a wide range of skills but has not been able to utilize them. Any other certifications courses or workshops (relevant to the sector and job profile) should be mentioned.

Education qualification: Necessary part of any CV. A candidate must mention the passing year from an institution along with the grade/percentage. Specialization should be clarified, wherever applicable.

Academic Achievements: This block does not really matter after a certain number of years as a working professional, but might come in handy if there are no other achievements.

Extra-curricular activities/Hobbies: One of the most underrated components of the resume – by candidates and recruiters alike. But, an experienced recruiter might want to check/learn what drives a candidate, what are his passions, and to what extent is he engaged in a hobby. Mention only those activities in which you regularly engage and are aware about. Writing ‘football’, and not knowing who won the last league championship may prove dangerous to your candidature. For a marketing candidate working in an FMCG company, hobbies might include watching advertisements, observing different promotional schemes, etc.

Personal Details: Some necessary details which are a ‘must-have’ for every CV. Ensure that you clearly differentiate the temporary and permanent address, if they are not the same.

References: If the individuals who are willing to vouch for the candidate are very influential or at a reputed position in an FMCG, then the candidate can opt for mentioning them in the CV. But, the common practice now-a-days is to not provide references until after requested by the recruiter.

You can download the file in Word Format here.

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