Resume/CV Sample Format - Human Resources (HR) Fresher

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Resume Format HR Fresher

Why is this Format Unique ?

Academic score do play a major role in CV selection but other parts of a CV can also make it equally emphatic. Any type of internship that a candidate has done so far should be written about in the CV. The details should specify the type of project that has been undertaken, responsibilities that have been undertaken and new skills acquired. For example if a candidate has done his/her internship in Recruitment and Sourcing, they can specify if their work involved CV sourcing, the type of client they have dealt with or better communication and interviewing skills that might have been acquired by initial screening of candidates. Candidate must also specify whatever extra contribution they made besides their allotted work. If candidate has taken up any virtual internships/ live projects where in they worked from home, they should definitely mention about that too. This would also involve any small research projects which might have been done in the field of HR or any other field too. Highlighting these projects would create a positive image about the candidate in the mind of the recruiter in terms of the candidate being pro-active, responsible with a thirst for knowledge and ability to multitask. Any CSR/ volunteering projects which have been done would also project that the candidate possesses good qualities of humanity and is ethical. If a candidate has earlier held an important position of responsibility, this would again grasp the attention of the recruiter as it would display leadership qualities and capability to work in teams. Academic awards, scholarships and extra-curricular activities would point towards consistency and sincerity of the candidate. Pursuing specific interests would also help candidate to demonstrate strong will power and enthusiasm to pursue their passion to the recruiter. All these pointers, if taken care of can lead to a strong CV.

You can download the file in Word Format here.

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