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Resume Format for IT professionals

Format Description

Objective: The objective section will clearly define why the candidate is applying for a particular company. This is important considering the fact that the candidate already has worked previously and it will also give an insight to what the company will gain if the candidate is selected for the role. This would also give a good head start to the interviewer and he will get a brief introduction about the candidate.

Professional Experience: The professional experience section can be tabulated in various heads such as project title, description, role etc. This is fairly easy to observe and analyze since the details of the project are organized properly in a table and thus will help the interviewer understand the skills and roles that the candidate has been exposed to.

Skill Set: The skill set consists of the various technical skills that the candidate has knowledge of. IT industry have various domains such as Java, J2EE, and Mainframe etc. This is important since it showcase the technical knowledge of the candidate in terms of various domains of IT.

Professional Certifications: The professional certifications gives a list of certifications such as Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Cisco in various fields such as database, platforms, cloud etc. This gives a list of areas in which the candidate has expertise in.

Academics: Academics section will give details about the performance of the candidate throughout his career. This includes percentage/CGPA in high school, graduation, and post-graduation.

Academic Work: This includes the list of projects the candidate has been part of including summer internship etc. This has been tabulated into various heads so that it can easily describe the project, role, functional areas etc. Dividing into sub heads such as these will help the interviewer know the role performed by candidate in the project and also the areas in which the candidate has worked in.

Position of responsibility and Extra-curricular activities: This would include any roles undertaken apart from the course, for example part of any club, committee. As an MBA you are bound to be a part of such extra-curricular activities as major learning about team work, leadership are learnt through such roles itself. Hobbies, interests needs to be included in the end which would sequentially close down the flow of CV.

You can download the file in Word Format here.

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