DO’s and DONT’s of Resume Writing

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Writing a CV or resume is the biggest challenge for an individual as it the first step for a candidate in getting oneself a dream job. A resume should be a true reflection of a candidate who wants to apply for a job.

Individuals often face the difficulty of writing a good resume while applying for a job. Here are the list of Do’s and Dont’s which individuals must follow in ensuring that they write the most impactful CV for attracting potential employers.





List Facts and true information

Don’t write false statements


Keep it short and crisp

Don’t have long paragraphs but have only bullet points


Highlight key achievements

Don’t write irrelevant facts


Give accurate personal details

Avoid any grammatical, spelling or language error


Prioritize Work experience and Academic Details

Don’t have obsolete information on the CV


Extra-curricular Achievements & Hobbies

Not quantifying accomplishments


Highlight Keywords

Boasting about things irrelevant to job profile


Resume should be Updated

Avoid irrelevant hobbies


Show leadership qualities and positions of responsibility

Don’t be overconfident in your statements


Choose a neat and correct format

Don’t have too much information and avoid multiple pages

Following the above mentioned points would ensure that an individual is able to create a near perfect CV, which would be their first step in getting the company of their choice. But the resume is just the beginning in cracking the interview and showcasing one’s true potential and getting in the career of their dreams!

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