Vishwajeet Kumar Jha (XIMB) - Beverage Industry

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Name: Vishwajeet Kumar Jha

College: XIMB

MBA Batch: 2014-2016

Summer Internship Industry: Beverage Industry

Location: Daman

Profile: Sales & Marketing

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

My project was to identify strategies to increase the indigenous beverage consumption of Daman. I started off with making a strategic route plan for the market to visit retailers of the local market to gauge the prevailing situation. My six weeks of extensive market research revealed some striking results about the consumption pattern of the captive consumers, based on which I proposed a couple of corrective measures.

What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

During recent years, the sales of the company were consistently getting hit across its various SKUs. So my project revolved around understanding the local market and devising the stratagems to turn around the prevailing situation. It involved having an end to end understanding of the market factors- right from the taxation structure to the last mile of supply chain at the retailer’s level.

Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

A typical day in Daman would start at around 9’o clock in the morning. It uses to start with the Morning meetings with the Manager and the TSE to update about the previous day’s progress and to discuss about the plan for the current day. The major part of the day was consumed in market visit involving interaction from different retailers and distributors. My project gave me an ample of opportunity to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and understand their culture in their local habitat. Two months just went in a jiffy which made me to brush my shoulder against the brightest minds of the field and enriched my learning experience. The relationship which I nurtured in these two months with my colleagues on and off the field is going to stay with me for a very long time and I am going to cherish them for my whole life. Moreover, the contacts that I have developed will ensure a constant supply of beverage at any location, that too at a discounted price!

How was the selection process conducted?

When half of your college comes running to your room howling and shouting to congratulate(Read bumps and beatings), you know that you and your team has made it through the most awaited journeys offered through a Case Study Competition.

As you would have rightly assessed the selection process was done through a Case study competition- which is, now-a-days increasingly, becoming the preferred mode of selection by companies of diverse sector. The regional winners were offered a Summer Internship Opportunity with the company.

What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

The most important learning which I have had was to always be ready to unlearn things and keeping your senses open to understand the local market. We normally tend to superimpose our classroom teachings directly on the field which may not always be the right approach.

Three tips would you give to your juniors

Firstly, do equip yourself with a minimum level of understanding about the project, if it is disclosed in advance, through secondary or primary research before you go for your Summer Internship.

Secondly, always base your recommendations on facts and figures because Managers love to talk in numbers!

And lastly, do remember that when you brain storm with your Mentor on any idea do base your argument pertaining to the local market and argue correctly, as it is rightly said in "An Argument is never wrong, until you argue correctly!”

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