Pushkar Mukund Ralegankar (SIMSR) - Logistics Services

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Name: Pushkar Mukund Ralegankar

College: K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

MBA Batch: 2014-16

Summer Internship Industry: Logistics Services

Location: Mumbai, India

Profile: Distribution centre development

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

Project was enabler for business development of the company. The company had decided to extend its logistic services in ecommerce space. This requirement could be fulfilled by opening new distribution centres, which will help in fast and cheaper delivery of shipments to the customers.

My responsibility was to coordinate opening of new distribution centres across India, and make distribution centre (DC) operational in Mumbai and form SOP’s of developing such DC’s in future.

What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

Project comprised of understanding the logistics of ecommerce business. This included pick-up to delivery of shipment across India. The customers being of different kind, making a standard process for all was to be studied and executed. Finalizing the location where the DC is to be made operational and then finding the nooks to improve its efficiency so that this improvement is directly imparted to new DC’s was of prime importance.

Basic requirements to open new DC were table, chair, printer paper, branch manager, delivery boys etc. The material required was procured and shipped to the location. As per the space available the layout was designed so as to facilitate the daily operations

Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

Initially deciding the DC’s which must be opened first as per the customer demands. Place where the business development will be more were given priority. All the material required was submitted to the purchase department so that it can be procured. This was the phase till first 15 days.

When the material of Mumbai DC was shipped to the location, designing the layout, making internet connection available, setting up logistics software purchased by the company all these work was done. Also recruiting branch manager and delivery boys was in progress.

After the operations started i.e. actual deliveries from the DC started, it was necessary to look into efficiency of the DC. Hence SOP’s of operations like last mile delivery, opening of distribution centre, cash collection cycle, next day delivery and return to origin were made. Criteria were to make these SOP’s as short and as easy to make them feasible.

Internship experience was great. Understood ecommerce logistics operations, function of distribution centre, recruiting branch manager. This gave whole picture about the process involved in starting a new DC.

How was the selection process conducted?

The company took interview on the basis on initial CV shortlist. The interviewer asked questions in all areas of operations and then specially asked regarding the projects that you would like to do.

What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

Recruiting a person is not an easy job. Standardizing a process is must so as to make your daily operations smoother.

Three tips would you give to your juniors

1. Logistics is great field to work with lot of scope for improvement

2. Get in small company or start up in initial phase of career, where the opportunities of development are more

3. Share your thoughts in company regularly, which will broaden your perspective with the inputs and feedback you would receive from seniors

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