Sharad Prakash (IIM Kashipur) - Steel & Power

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Name: Sharad Prakash

College: Indian Institute of Management Kashipur

MBA Batch: PGP 2015-2017

Summer Internship Industry: Steel and Power

Location: Gurgaon, Raigarh and Angul

Profile: Operations management

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

The Project title of the Summer Internship is “Modelling of TMT and Cement Logistics and Optimization”. I have developed a model of TMT Logistics and found the lowest total cost from different modes of transport. Also, optimization is done to find out which plant should serve which location, based on the given constraints. In JSPL, I had to work closely with marketing, operation, logistics team to get the data, which would be used for analysis.


What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

The Summer internship project is about Logistics analysis of Jindal Panther TMT and cement logistics and optimizing it to get lowest total freight cost. This project includes analysis and comparison of the road freight, rail freight and shipping transport of TMT bars from JSPL Raigarh, JSPL Angul and JSPL Patratu plants. About 580 locations of India are considered for freight analysis. The cost of freight for direct road transportation, hub and spoke by rail and by ship is calculated and compared and best decision is given based on cheapest freight cost. Transhipment model is used to calculate total freight of TMT transported to destination location Ship transport is considered primarily to facilitate logistics in coastal areas of India. This project also formulates a linear programming model to give recommendation on, which plant should cater which destination based on the quantity of product produced, capacity of freight modes, forecast of demand from different distributor to minimize logistics cost. The project also discusses about current logistics challenges in TMT and Cement. The project deals with recommendation and limitation of the logistics model. In this project, the hub and spoke model is suggested for cement plant at various locations. The project also analyses the benchmark rate of freight for locations where cement is served.


Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

The duration of summer internship was for two months, during which I have worked in Gurgaon corporate office, Angul plant and Raigarh Plant. In Gurgaon office the work hours was for nine hrs. I had to work closely with the assigned mentor and had to show daily progress. Also, the same has to be presented to the Logistics director. It was a great learning experience as an MBA student and there was a lot of learning-while-working, especially with the industry leaders. During plant visit in Angul and Raigarh, I have seen end to end manufacturing process of TMT and cement. Plant head and supervisor were very helpful in understanding each and every process and their guidance was very fruitful.


How was the selection process conducted?

Selection process was JSPL was based on prior engineering industry experience, Academic records and achievements. Once the candidate is shortlisted, interview was conducted by JSPL, and based on the process, technical, business, industry knowledge, candidate was selected for summer internship.


What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

Below are the Key Learning from the Summer Internship: -

• Professional knowledge and how to be professional among industry leaders

• Knowledge of Practical challenges in Logistics industry and how to tackle them.

• Broad view of logistics process and its effect on total profitability of the company.

• Collaborating with different teams while mapping the strategy.

• Consider minute details while taking decision in the industry, which might have an adverse effect on the total cost.


Three tips would you give to your juniors

• Learn professionalism from your colleagues, that would help during internship.

• Try to gain as much as possible from the professors, academic session would take you long-way in performing well in your internship.

• Before going to internship work on your basic management and basic technical knowledge on your summer internship domain.

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