Shashank Mahajan (IMI Delhi) - Financial Services

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Name: Shashank Mahajan

College: International Management Institute, New Delhi

MBA Batch: PGDMHR 2015-17

Summer Internship Industry: Financial Services

Location: Gurgaon

Profile: Compensation & Benefits (Human Resources)

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

Identification of those jobs/positions, which require Niche Skills in various functions (Enterprise Infrastructure & Data Base Administrator) of IT vertical of the company and design their Job Descriptions along with the Hiring Ranges.

What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

The project comprised of following important components:

1. Identification of those Niche jobs where attrition is high due to perceived low compensation by employees through Primary and Secondary Research.

2. Creating a universal Job Description template for the whole company and followed by Job Descriptions of the identified Niche skills by interviewing employees, Line Manager & HRBPs and getting them validated.

3. Through Secondary Research creating a Comparator pool for Niche Jobs identified by going through JDs of companies offering similar Jobs.

4. Identification of criteria for Job Matching for IT departments by going through consultants reference guide for Benchmarking.

5. Based upon criteria identified matching the similar Jobs and Compensation Benchmarking to arrive at the new Hiring Ranges.

Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

People in the company were Hardworking and busy most of the time, thought they ensured mood and working environment was light. Since no cabins(Japanese Culture) were there in HR department, fun and jokes were part of discussions of various employees . I was treated as part of the team rather than an intern. In 9 hours of daily routine at the company, 4-5 hours were spent working on the Summer Internship Project and rest on peer learning, knowledge gaining and networking. Other employees used to share their ideas and experiences with me, also I was part of various meetings and fun activities. Company used to enjoy and celebrate small-small moments of the employees achievements. The mantra of the company was “Work Hard & Party Harder.”

How was the selection process conducted?

Company came for Campus Recuitment where they shorlisted few candidates who were asked to visit the company. At the company for filering out candidates Aptitude test and three back to back interviews were conducted, and finally 2 of us were chosen.

What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

• Got knowledge of various processes of Compensation & Benefits function and HR.

• Learned how to make JDs, Conduct Interviews, Benchmarking Jobs and designing Hiring Ranges.

• I learned to get work done from some rigid employees.

• Importance of Informal meetings, lunches etc.

• Learned about Presentation and Analytical skills.

Three tips would you give to your juniors

1. Interact with people and make a good network.

2. Pay attention to office culture.

3. Keep Guide/Mentor informed about the work you are doing and problems you are facing.

4. Don’t bound yourself to your project only, learn from co-workers.

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