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Name: Antarleena Bera

College: IIM Indore

MBA Batch: 2015-2017

Summer Internship Industry: IT

Location: Bangalore

Profile: Strategy and Marketing

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

The project encompassed the Healthcare IT sector and required secondary market research to conceptualize the future needs in Digital HealthCare space for the company.

What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

Most IT companies have now forayed into the Healthcare IT business. The next point of differentiation for survival in this business is going Digital. My project entailed extensive work in understanding this specific segment of business by collecting data from various secondary sources, analysing the current trends across the globe and what more is required to be done to cater to the various needs of the Healthcare Providers. The company faced critical decisions of whether to enter the market segment of wearable healthcare devices which is seen as B2C marketing model whereas the company has always been into B2B model. My project also focused on prototyping a possible model of Digital Hospital which is an extension of Healthcare IT and is currently in its nascent stages in India. Competitor analysis and market research tools were implied to understand the viability of the suggestions and their practicality.

Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

My office hours were from 9 am to approx. 6 pm. Most of my work initially was related to getting to know the specifics of Healthcare IT segment of my company. I extensively met with people from various divisions and the best part was in spite of their busy schedules they were all ears to listen to queries from an Intern. My guide had been extremely helpful in giving me insights about the company as well the division and the current on goings. There was one specific incidence which was really special to me when I was asked to join in by my guide and the senior colleagues to attend a tele conference call from an international client.

How was the selection process conducted?

The selection process included one round of general discussion (GD) and one round of interview. After the initial shortlists by the company, one round of GD was held with a general topic on current affairs. The selected candidate from GD had a one-on-one interview. As my profile was related to marketing my marketing knowledge was put to test. It was followed by a few HR questions.

What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

Being a fresher, summer internship provided me an opportunity to look how actually corporates and managers work. My biggest learning would probably be understanding how marketing and strategy play a great role even in an IT company. Technology prowess is not essential to be a manager in an IT company. One just needs to have the right appetite to learn new things and put the thinking cap on. Also the division for which I worked is an upcoming segment and there was a lot of dynamics to it. Getting to know this segment was truly an enriching experience. As a manager connecting the dots is an important skill. At one point I was overwhelmed with a lot of data and resources, but to understand what is relevant and discard the rest is an important skill which I learnt.


Three tips would you give to your juniors

I wouldn’t call these as tips but rather pointers which I learnt myself and feel would be useful for juniors.

• While in your internship talk to as many people as possible. You might feel their work is not related to yours but somewhere down the line that point may be useful. During the initial few days, it is all about data collection and the best way to do so is from the people who work there, no one knows the company better than them.

• Have regular contact with your guide. This is the most crucial thing. You and your guide should always be on the same turf regarding the proceeds and deliverables of the project. My guide had been on client meeting abroad during my internship but I unfailingly updated him about my proceeds and findings.

• Lastly, don’t hesitate to put in your ideas. They have hired you for your competencies and are looking up to you to give them insights and ideas which they have not yet found. Even the top management is looking forward to your ideas as you are an outsider bringing in a different thought process and culture altogether. Confidence is the key. Put in your ideas, go over them and modify them with your guide and buddy, to have the best final version.

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