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Name: Parantak Soni

College: SIBM Bengaluru

MBA Batch: 2015-2017

Summer Internship Industry: Sports and Lifestyle

Location: Bengaluru

Profile: Business Analytics

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

Analysis of Returns Stock and Free-to-sales Stock


What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

1. To plan and strategize in order to enhance the profitability of different Liquidation Channels.

2. To analyse the quantity of returns stock on the basis of store, division & size and how they are channelized into the market.

3. To study the history of Discounted sales and calculate the gross profit for all the channels in order to determine the most profitable channel and formulating strategies to push more sales towards them so that higher revenues and profit margins can be realized.

4. On the basis of key findings from the above analysis, allocate a budget of Rs.200 Crore optimally in order to earn maximum profits from different liquidation channels.


Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

My office timings were 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Since I loved my project a lot I’d often stay back, late till 9:00 PM. We had 5 working days a week.

My overall experience was marvellous. I learned a lot of business concepts and more than that I was able to practically implement the various concepts that I had learned during my 1st year of MBA. Since, the sports and lifestyle industry is growing at a very good rate, there is immense scope for growth in this industry.


How was the selection process conducted?

The selection process consisted of 4 rounds.

1. CV Shortlisting

2. Group Discussion

3. Personal Interview – 1 (With the HR Team)

4. Personal Interview – 2 (With the Director) 


What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

• As my project required a lot excel analysis, I learnt a lot of advanced excel skills techniques like preparing dashboards, making basic macros etc. and tried to implement the same in my current project.

• I also tried to understand the business of Model of company specifically in relation to Liquidation and Returns Stocks. By working on these projects, it has given me an understanding on a broader perspective.

• I have also learned about the Liquidation Channels of the company and how they work. The agreement behind the purchase of stocks and also the credit notes given to certain customers according to their capacity of buying.

• Being a part of a very formal work organization earlier, I have also learned to adapt to a very informal work culture. This organisation has a culture of Work Hard and Party harder. At the end of the day what matters is how meet your deliverables before deadlines.

• Being a part of Sales Operations team, I have been able to enhance my efficiency and effectiveness by working diligently and always meeting deadlines.


Three tips would you give to your juniors

It was a phenomenal learning experience. The tip that I would like to share is that during your Summer Internships try to grasp as much knowledge as you can.

This is the only time during your MBA, when you will be able to practically experience the corporate world and apply the skills that you have learned in your academic classes.

The amount of exposure in this industry would be enormous. Last but not the least, always be quick on your feet and to sustain in such a dynamic and fast growing industry you will have to have a “Go Getter” attitude. If you have these skills in you then you would definitely reach to greater heights in the organisation.

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