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Name: Anirudh Kumar

College: IIM Udaipur

MBA Batch: 2015-17

Summer Internship Industry: (e-commerce, jobs listing)

Location: Noida

Profile: Business Development Intern

Brief Project Description & Responsibilities:

I interned with team as a product development intern. The project allotted involved providing insights into sectors in which Naukri was not getting enough job-listings.

What was the overview of the project? Elaborate with some details

The main responsibility entrusted was to give insights into sectors in which Naukri is not generating enough revenues namely healthcare, legal and C.A.s. The problem was approached from two fronts i.e. the job seekers end where people were not finding good quality super specialization jobs which these sectors mainly offer. The company was doing well with the generic job search part like IT developers, testers etc. and this is the domain from which it drives most of its revenue but the numbers took a hit when the requirement was that of a niche job. The competitors were also not faring any better as the main problem was that of the jobs not coming to job portals with the concerned focus companies listing them on their own websites. This is where the second aspect of the problem came in when we tried to increase the listings of the recruiter companies which were using Naukri as their job hunt portal.

The project mainly involved primary and secondary research in terms of floating surveys and making phone calls to both job seekers and recruiters and identify their exact requirements. This was followed by analysis of the results, both quantitative using SPSS and qualitative along with creating dummy login IDs on competitor websites.

Another aspect of the problem was the haywire search results which the back end job search algorithm was throwing up when the number of search parameters increased. Some coding fixes were suggested to deal with this part of the problem.


Share your daily routine & overall summer internship experience.

Reporting time: 9:30 AM

First half of the day was mainly spent chalking out day’s agenda and briefing about the project status. Requirements to other departments were also communicated at the same time.

Lunch: 1:30 PM-2:00 PM

This was the time to interact with other interns, some very gifted minds from across the country. Info Edge had picked up students from a lot of B-school campuses across the country and there was a tremendous exchange of ideas during the lunch. I have no qualms in saying that I learnt as much in my intern as I did from my peers.

Post lunch session 2:00 PM- 6:30 PM

The post lunch session was reserved for personal work on the project and all forms of research, be it primary or secondary was conducted during this period. There were usually no meetings during this session and the findings of this session were carried forward in the next day’s briefings.

Total internship period was two months (1st April-1st June). 5 days-a- week routine was followed. the company had a decent cafeteria with a CCD and two local food vendors. Sports were taken very seriously by the company and there were foosball, TT, snooker tables apart from a high-quality gym. All the interns were given company laptops. Shuttle service was provided from the nearest metro station. Overall the workplace environment was very congenial and bohemian.

How was the selection process conducted?

The selection process was conducted in two stages:

a. The initial round was profile based shortlisting of students.

b. This was followed by a Skype interview conducted by a panel of 4 people. The interview lasted for around 30-35 minutes and had questions ranging from academics to co-curricular activities. A lot of questions were asked to me about quizzing and sports, which I had put down as my hobbies in my CV.


What were your key learnings from the summer internship?

Some of the key takeaways include:

1. Job listing business is very cut-throat with a constant hassle for getting the required jobs on the portal. The portal needs to generate enough revenue in order to stay relevant in the market sphere.

2. Requirements for getting generic jobs and super-specialization jobs are entirely different and the strategy to bring each of them to the portal varies a lot.

3. Primary research is a very important tool of collecting data and the responses, both in quality as well as quantity depend on the kind of questions you frame and the survey flow you keep.

4. Making phone calls is also a very effective method to get effective response from the people interviewed as you can mould the kind of questions you want to ask. You can be blunt or soft as per the need of the situation.

5. The search algorithms used by the listing companies still leave a lot to be desired and a huge effort is required from the developers’ end to put this anomaly in place.


Three tips would you give to your juniors

1. Learn to anticipate what your reporting manager wants from you.

2. There will always be paucity of time at the last moment, try to get the work done when there is less pressure. I myself learnt this from my fellow interns some of whom had an excellent work ethic.

3. Job listings business is undergoing a lot of consolidation these days and only 2-3 major players will survive in the end. Still it is a good sector to be in as it offers high growth opportunities.

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