Importance of Summer Internships

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Students across the world take admissions in the best institutes to having a solid foundation for their career. For academic students, especially studying MBA, jobs are the most important aspect of their education. But before a student gets in a full-fledged professional job, it is important to have hands on experience on how the corporate world works. This is where the summer internships play an integral part, the experience of which bridges the gap between academics and a job.

Summer internship is a few week stint which a student gets where he/she has a hands-on experience to understand a witness what it feels like to be a part of a company. Academics only teach the basics to a student but as an intern you learn about the practicality of how things work in the real world.

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Some of the most important points of a summer internship are highlighted below:

Learn about your industry

Internship is an excellent opportunity to learn about your industry. And it not only teaches your domain or area of interest, but you can also learn about all the functions of the business i.e. marketing, sales, finance, accounting, HR, operations, strategy etc

Applying book knowledge to real life

Studying in a class room will only teach you the basics or how to study/approach anything related to business. But the real task as a professional is always to go out on the field, interact with people and then execute the work at hand. Summer internship bridges the gap between classroom studies and professional work environment.

Networking Contacts

Summer internships are an excellent place where students can interact with professionals in the company they are interning and also people they are working with. Networking gives an opportunity to meet new people, interact with them, learn about their businesses, and also gives an opportunity to develop a contact for a new job or business opportunity.

Develop New Skills

Summer internships are a quick way to learn new skills & tricks in a company or organization, which can be useful once a person joins a job fulltime. Things like learning new tools, improving your presentation skills, learning MS Excel, product management softwares etc are an integral part of the summer internship learning

Gain knowledge from experience

Professionals in the company, who act as a guide or mentor to an intern during the summers, play a pivotal role in moulding their professional career as they learn from their real life experience. Things like business opportunities, work environment, having meetings, take decision etc

Discussions, meetings & presentations

Summer internships exposes an individual to the daily routine that takes place in a company. Interns can take part in daily meetings, discussions and decision making process by contributing to the table. Also, when an intern finishes his / her project, they have to present their report to the seniors from the management. This enables them to also sharpen their presentation and communication skills.

These above mentioned points only highlight a few key aspects of summer internships and their importance for a student. The only way to learn something new is through an experience. And that is where a summer internship opens a platform of opportunities to a student and show them the real world.

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