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Buzz is the Official magazine of Not Just Marketing Club(NJM) of NMIMS(Narsee Monjee), Mumbai.

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Current Issue(September 2013) :


'Broadway's dark tonight,

A little bit weaker than it used to be,

See the young man sitting in the old man's bar,

Waiting for his turn to die’

Broadway was indeed darker than it used to be. With one dreary schedule following another, and the old man's bar serving up the same primeval concoctions, the road back to glamour and ascendancy was indeed a bit more difficult than the usual uphill endeavors. That little enigma, that little wave of the wand, that little jig that brings the entire panorama out of obscurity and flushes shades of symbolic fervor into hearts was missing. That's when we at NJM stood up and said…

“Blahhhhh…let Sir Matt BuZZbee rule mayhem!!”

What follows next is BuZZ – The Markazine, stretching the entire gamut of marketing Pandora to an extent where the scope overhauls the enlisted objectives and where after hours and hours of finalizing and executing and re-executing the 'final-step's, we suddenly realize, there is yet another to follow. And that there is yet another ‘Gyaan’ which we had not uncovered, yet so many ‘Trendz’ that lay hidden, and where the minimal changes in the pulse of the marketing world is captured, albeit taking its toll on the mind-freaks that make up the Editorial team.

NJM, where ideas are created and chucked away with scarily equal audacity, and where we do not care, because we know the next one will be ruling the roster in half the time. Welcome to NJM, where we decide how to change the aeons old marketing concepts and are hell bent on bending the bends to create new bends only to bend them the next time we have those just-off-the-work 'shots'. And where we create the 'BuZZ' around our 'Conquest's, grill the “Last Marketeer Standing' till he wishes he wasn't 'the One', and celebrate and honour the Kotlers' and Druckers' and Lewitts' existences for an entire week, for we believe no matter how high the bark grows and how much the branches outgrow each other in their race for their time under the sun, the roots always hold sway.

And what's worse is that no matter how much effort we put in, and no matter what all we do, the bloody bug to better ourselves just doesn't die!

Well..that was us..and yeah..have to cut it short here. The damn bug bit again.

Darn !

Not-Just-Marketing (NJM) is the official Marketing Cell at NMIMS, Mumbai (Conquest and Last Marketeer Standing mentioned above are the flagship events of the cell)

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