Landscape, Nature and Wildlife

Nature'S Maze - Shubham Singh - LBSIM

This photograph is the 2nd Prize winner in the category Landscape, Nature & Wildlife in the April 2013 Contest

Nature's Maze

This picture was taken at Bandipur National Park. Being a National Park, the area is a visual treat to any nature lover. The patches of greenery at some places are so dense that it filters most of the sunlight. I was relishing myself clicking trees and the footprints of wildlife, until I saw this particular region. The rhythmic arrangement of leaves, branches and patch of sky made it look like a maze, a puzzle from God. The braches spread as if opening their arms in embracing everyone. The curvy white patches, looks like a beautiful smile, which spreads its warmth that can be still felt. Since it was dusk, when I clicked this, it was the time for birds to return back to their nests. The entire place was resonating of the bird songs and chirpings. Of course this can’t be captured in the picture, but then it was another aspect which made the entire experience surreal.

© Photographer : Shubham Singh 


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