Secrets - Akash Relan - IIFT

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This picture was taken at the gardens of the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. I was overwhelmed by the sight of the deciduous tree, which was having a pretty late autumn than the trees in its vicinity. Then there is a similar tree just by its side, in its full bloom. Humans, just like trees, go through phases in life similar to seasons. The difference is- Trees are sedentary, they cannot walk away even when the tree closest to them is withering away or in full bloom. Humans do. Everybody’s life runs at a different pace, and everyone is heading in different directions in search of their destiny. Unlike the trees shaped like the brain, humans have hearts, and in the tussle between their hearts and brains- people make and break relationships-sometimes way too frequently. In this charade, one is left with only the reflection of oneself, just like the solitary man in the picture.

© Photographer : Akash Relan