Suryatop - Alka - KJSIMSR

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A photograph is capable of inciting emotions where even a thousand words might fail. For me, this photograph represents that. It captures the view from Surya Top which is a peak in the Himalayan Range standing tall at 13500 feet. Looking at this picture reminds me of the rocky, steep and treacherous trek that our group of 40 Tata Power employees undertook at the heart of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand to climb this peak. This picture speaks about our perseverance, struggles, emotional bonds that were formed and a determination to reach the top within constrained resources and adverse climate. That day we walked 40 kms to-and-fro from morning 5 o’clock till evening 5 on a path that made me felicitate in the glory of nature and God.We had set out not knowing the beautiful vista that awaited us. We reached the Surya Top and found ourselves surrounded by the glorious peaks of the Himalayas, some capped with snow. It was warm when the sun glowed and turned cold as soon as the clouds moved and blocked it. The clouds made a rhythmic pattern with shadows on the valleys around and we were enchanted by the magnificent view unfolding around us. We stood united and victorious.

© Photographer : Alka KJSIMSR