The Fresh Palette - Anindya Adhikari - IMI Delhi

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Fresh Pallete

A Morning is like a fresh palette – Morning is that time of the day where it all begins again. The planning, the start, the whole cycle takes a new look. Thus it is the most special time of the day. But often in our busy life we miss to have a look at, that how beautiful it is. Indeed it is a fresh palette adorned with all fresh colours. Its beauty is its speciality and its timing is its bliss. Hence during a walk on a sea-beach, in d morning, it’s every photographer’s dream to freeze that special moment of the day with all its colours, freshness and glory. That morning on a sea-beach it was my try to capture the fresh palette.The colour, the breeze, the waves still as fresh as every morning in my mind – Memory!

© Photographer : Anindya Adhikari