Calm - Aniruddha Halder - IIM Rohtak

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This photo was taken at Ladakh near Shyok River on the way to Nubra Valley in October 2011.The vast barren land of Ladakh is dissected by many such small rivers flowing from the glaciers. The image was shot by keeping the camera still on a small pebble similar to the ones seen in the foreground. The picture according to me gives a feeling of calmness and serenity which could be enjoyed in plenty in the barrenness of Ladakh. The river, since it flows through a plateau, is gentle and not as rough as one would expect it in a mountainous course. The sky was typically brilliant blue throughout our stay in Ladakh and is perfectly reflected in the clear and sparkling river waters. Also the picture gives only 1% of the actual scene that was in front of my eyes and the whole region is undoubtedly one of the best tourist location within India.

© Photographer : Aniruddha Halder