Sunflowers, Bee & A Hope For Honey - Vivek Kumar Singh - IIM Ahmedabad

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I was up late one night completing an assignment due in the morning, by the time I finished I realized it was already 6:30 AM. When I stepped out I saw that the sun had just come-up and the light was falling brilliant and soft. I rushed back to my camera and went around campus taking pics. Near my dorm, I came across this grouping of sunflowers which was surrounded by some bees and I knew I had to take a photograph. Frankly, the first thing that went through my head while taking the photograph was that I really don’t want to get stung by those bees, but I couldn't resist the setup, it was too perfect. So I slowly edged towards the flowers and started taking some snaps and there it was, a photograph, perhaps the only one, which still amazes me every time I look at it

© Photographer: Vivek Kumar Singh