Gods Own Lamps - Bharathvaj - LIBA

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This image was taken in the Mahadevan temple in Chengannur, Kerala.
As would any eager tourist feel, visiting Kerala for the first time, I too was excited to see the Chengannur Mahadevan temple. But as luck would have it, the temple was closed on the day we decided to visit. 

Though undoubtedly disappointed, we took a walk around the temple and stumbled upon, quite by accident, this lovely sight.The temple was surrounded by walls that enclosed numerous Diyas. Our train back to Chennai was at night and that wouldn't permit me a glimpse of this awesome sight by night.

But my camera wouldn't leave without a picture so I took this one. It taught me a lesson for life - the temple gives light not only to the deities inside but also to the little city around it. Why then sometimes we take great pleasure in spreading darkness as and when it comes upon us but never the light?

And so they were rightly, lamps from God's own country

© Photographer: Bharathvaj