The Beetle Step - Anindya Adhikari - IMI Delhi

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A look at the world through the vulnerability of a ladybird, for whom every step is an Adventure- I was on a small trip in Dehradun, and noticed this little bug on a railing. One of my friends, for a better view, took it up and placed it on her finger. Then a thought strike my mind that the way we humans or, for that matter, any large species see the world must be so different than the same for this little endearing creature. The vulnerability of life is so different in each step for it. That literally became my peak-a-boo moment into A Bug’s Life. With this thought in mind, I captured the beetle in a macro form. The beetle in focus along with the crisp presence of finger prints of human finger accentuated the scene.
But a thought lingered – In the hand of nature are not we as small and fragile like the little beetle!

© Photographer: Anindya Adhikari