Butterfly - Akshay Arvind Kadam - KJSIMSR

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Macro photography, refers to taking pictures of small things at close range. Who doesn't love to be in colours  I love it too. When a butterfly spreads its true colours of nature all around I found one! Its always been a great to click a finest photos of butterflies when you know that they are the most unstable insect.

As a child, butterfly is always a curiosity so was it for me. I have caught some of them in my fingers but as a photographer I always wanted to catch that tender beauty in my lenses. and this was the moment when I could do that.. Even today that awesome moment brings a smile on my face revising the memories of it. When I click such live object I tend to feel that I belong to them. According to me this is the real pleasure and power of photographic art.

© Photographer: Akshay Arvind Kadam