Innocence - Agni Tripathi - NMIMS

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A group of us from my NMIMS had to visit a home for HIV infected/affected children at Kolkata as part of a mandatory project for an NGO. All of us were from the privileged part of the society and the thought of the NGO project was of hardly any interest to us. However, a couple of hour’s interaction with the children left us in deep contemplation.

This little girl is one of the youngest residents at the home. She was brought here along with her brother when she was six years old. Throughout our stay she stared at us with great curiosity. Requests for uttering memorized nursery rhymes were turned down with a shy smile.  Staring into those innocent eyes it was evident that it she was completely oblivious to her misfortunes. Perhaps she was too young to realize her predicament.

© Photographer: Agni Tripathi