Friends For Life- Gaurav Anand - NMIMS

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On one of my field trip to Jharkhand interior I saw this woman who had lost her husband to family fight for land and her only son to naxalite attack. I thought of taking a pic. While She was passing by, I turned my camera and just clicked the pic.

The thoughts inside her mind must be ,I have always cared for my loved ones. Changed with every new responsibility. From, being a daughter to grandmother of one. It has been a long journey. I lost my husband and lost my only son. The pressure was immense, was on my knees but still tried to stand.

 Hope was my only weapon.

Now alone but not battered, broken back but still not shattered.

Son, take care of you and don’t worry about me. I’ve my own shadow which will take care of me.

© Photographer: Gaurav Anand