Miles To Accomplish - Meenakshi Dogra - Dr Ambedkar University Delhi

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The photograph was taken deep inside a secluded hilly village of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful village was enclosed all over with rock and sand. A river was flowing on the other side of the village which makes this bridge as a lifeline for the people of the village. People uses the bridge to collect wood for their survival, children go to school by using the same bridge and there were other daily chores which makes the bridge and eternal part of the villager's life. I was also astonished to see the bond which the children had with the bridge. Its weak structure has not stopped children from trusting it and the risky swinging part ensures the zest among children while crossing it as they move towards their school.

Though, I also crossed the bridge, I felt a little scary while crossing it. But I felt a sense of relaxation in my mind seeing the immovable trust with which the children were crossing the bridge. And then I felt that this bridge is not just mortar, rope and metal but it contains so many lives attached to it that it seems to be a living person, a father who holds you when you fall, giving a sense of trust that he will never let you down, like a mother who swings you back and forth until that last tear go away and a smile comes back on your face. And, I captured "him" in my camera :)

© Photographer: Meenakshi Dogra