Lines Of Wisdom Words Worth Gold - Sahil Sayal - LBSIM Delhi

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I clicked this picture on an winter frost morning at Purani Delhi. Zooming through the crowded Jama Masjid i could see a thousand faces busy in their lives. Faces tensed, worried, angry, happy, enjoying, neutral and a million more expressions.But this face caught my eye and my heart. A face that did not care of what was going around. The man in rags smoked through his 'beedi' the worries of his world. Lines on his forehead showed immense knowledge and experience of this fiend world. But the attitude behind the closed eyes was marvelous.

Taught me that towards the end of this world, nothing would matter to a satisfied heart. True happiness is hard to find in this fast moving world, especially for people like us in a rat race. So why not take some time off !! close our eyes !!! and enjoy the beauty of the times we spent !

© Photographer: Sahil Sayal