High On Joy - Shubham Singh - LBSIM

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This picture was clicked in Bangalore. It was a Sunday and we friends decided to go to Nandi hills at 4:30 in the morning. On reaching there, the beauty of the place, the calm and serene there and the cool breeze made it a once in a lifetime experience. The joy of being with your best buddies, at a place of breath taking beauty made this shot possible. Of course, numerous attempts were made to capture the perfect pose. But, I believe, it is those ‘erroneous’ clicks which made the joy of being finally clicking the desired picture more satisfying and memorable. All those ‘erroneous’ clicks are in itself a story, a snapshot of moment in past which holds a special place in all of our lives. Today, we all are separated due to jobs, studies but it is these pictures which bring us together and recreates the magical moments.

© Photographer: Shubham Singh