10 Unique Business Models

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Launched: 2012

Founders: Gautam Gupta and Kenneth Chen

Nature Box, a company that ships healthy and natural snacks to the doorstep for as very little as $19.95 a month. All of the snacks nutritionist specialist approved. The good thing about them was that they've teamed up with Feeding America, therefore for each box Nature Box sends out, they donate one meal.

To date, NatureBox has developed a hundred and twenty snack varieties and shipped one million boxes. Half the customers are from the areas wherever access to organic markets and Whole Foods is restricted. It gives a chance to the customers to choose the number of varieties which gets delivered straight to their doors. They try to empower their happy snackers with alternative associated with an algorithmic program that considers dietary preferences and snack quality determines what arrives in members' boxes. The business fortuned 20x time’s growth in 2013, and the customers to the site's journal has grown up in same way growing constantly, showing growing interest in knowing about a healthy consumption.

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