Top 10 Telecom Companies of the World 2015

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1. China Mobile

China Mobile Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in the year 1997. China Mobile is the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China.

It is the world's largest mobile network and has largest mobile customer base. Major subsidiaries of China Mobile are: China Mobile Communication Company Limited, China Mobile Group Guangdong Company Limited, China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited, China Mobile Group Jiangsu Company Limited, China Mobile Group Fujian Company Limited and many more. It operates nationwide mobile telecommunications networks in all 31 provinces, autonomous regions and directly-administered municipalities in Mainland China and in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region through these subsidiaries.

It also owns a 100% equity interest in China Mobile M2M Company Limited, China Mobile Online Services Company Limited, China Mobile Software Technology Company Limited, China Mobile Information Technology Company Limited and MIGU Company Limited. As of 31 December 2014 it has a customer base of 807 million.

Revenue: $104.1 B

Profit: $17.7 B

Market Value: $271.5 B

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Ranking Criteria

The ranking criteria is described below.

1. Top 25 telecom service provider companies around the world are selected according to Minimum Revenue ($10 B), Minimum Profit ($1.0 B) and minimum Market Value ($20 B).

2. These companies are ranked according to Revenues only, Profit only and Market value only and 3 separate rank lists are prepared.

3. Then assigned certain points to each company in these 3 lists depending upon their ranks. For example, in the list sorted according to Revenue, Rank 1 Company, which has highest revenue, is assigned 100 points. Rank 2 company assigned points according to the ratio of its revenue with Rank 1 Company’s revenue.

{Points assigned to Rank 2 company = (Revenue of rank 2 company/ Revenue of rank 1 company) * 100}

4. Similarly points for other companies are calculated according to all 3 parameters and then all points of a particular company are added.

5. Finally top ten telecom service providers list is prepared according to the total obtained in step 4.

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