Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in the World 2015

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1. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is currently headed by Mr. Rex Tillerson and was founded in 1859. It is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Exxon Mobil was formed by the merger of Exxon (Standard Oil of New Jersey) and Mobil (Standard Oil of New York). The company has 37 refineries across 21 countries and is the largest refiner of the world. The company mainly operates in three segments; upstream, downstream and chemicals. The upstream segment of Exxon Mobil generates approximately 70 percent of its revenues. Downstream segment mainly deals with the transportation, storage and refining of the hydrocarbons while chemicals segment deals with production and selling of petrochemicals. The company employs 83,700 people with maximum people working on its upstream operations. It is working along with Russia’s ROSNEFT to estimate the potential of shale gas in the Siberia region of Russia. Generating approximately double the profits of what the nearest rival PetroChina is earning, Exxon Mobil is the highest profit earner in the oil & gas industry in the world. Exxon Mobil is ranked first in terms of market value while ranked third in terms of revenues earned.

Sales: $376.2 B

Profits: $32.5 B

Assets: $349.5 B

Market Value: $357.1 B

Ranking Methodology:

1. Top 20 oil & gas company in the world was selected.

2. Four parameters for ranking was used which are revenues, profits, assets and market value.

3. The best way to rank oil & gas industry would be to give maximum weights to revenues and profits.

4. Accordingly a 30 percent weight was given to both revenues and profits while a 20 percent weight was given to both assets and market value.

5. These weightage hence made 100 percent providing a single dollar value for all the 20 companies (the formula being; 0.3*revenues+0.3*profits+0.2*assets+0.2*market value)

6. The companies were then sorted out with maximum dollar value being the top company.

7. The above methodology gave a list of top 20 oil & gas company according to all the four parameters which are revenues, profits, assets and market value

8. Top 10 out of these 20 companies were then selected to prepare the original list of rankings.

9. Market Capitalization for the companies are as of May 2015.

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