Top 10 Power Companies in India 2015

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1. NTPC Ltd

NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) Ltd.  is a public sector undertaking company, under the Govt. of India.

It is the largest electricity generating company in India. It attained the Maharatna status on 16th November, 2010.  Apart from electricity generation and distribution their services include natural gas exploration, production, transportation & distribution. NTPC is into both coal based and gas based thermal power plants along with Hydro-electric and solar photovoltaic power plants. As of now NTPC has 17 coal based, 7 gas based and 8 renewable energy plants. It has a capacity of 44,598 MW which contributes 17.73 % of the total national capacity. It launched its IPO in October 2004.

Market Cap: 111,602.36 Cr

Net profit: 10,974.74 Cr

Net Sales: 72018.93 Cr

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The Companies are ranked as per the criteria described below:

1. Top companies involved in power generation and distribution are listed

2. These companies are ranked based on market capitalisation,net profit and net sales. Three separate rank lists are prepared.

3. For each criteria ranking is made. The company which stands 1st in each category is given 100 points. Taking example of criteria market capitalization

For example, in the list sorted according to market Cap, Rank 1 Company, which has capitalization, is assigned 100 points. Rank 2 company assigned points according to the ratio of its capitalization with Rank 1 company’s capitalization.

4. Points assigned to rank 2 is equal to( market cap of rank 2/market cap of rank 1) *100 and the same method is repeated for assigning points to different companies and other lists also.

5. Points obtained from these three lists are added for each company and then the top 10 list are made according to the total no of points obtained.

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